Why Should I Attend?

Dynamic Networking!​       



It's amazing what can get done over a ham sandwich!"  Barbara Weaver, SBA PCR/CMR

Businesses interested in the world of federal contracting and subcontracting can get a boost at this small business networking event!  BUT its not just for small businesses!  Large prime contractors can attend to find subcontractors to help them meet Federal subcontracting goals, or to find a new protégé to mentor!  Small businesses can find those all-important teaming partners, resources, education, subject matter experts and more!

DyNet has three facets that make it a valuable event for businesses of any size. Each event is structured to bring the right subject matter experts to the table as well as a wide variety of mixed business lines so that there's something for everyone!  It's all about YOU!



The key focus of DyNet is networking. 


The DyNet Team makes a concentrated effort to enlist as many large prime contractors and government agencies to attend to help you market your business with potential partners and customers all in one place.



DyNet also has a number of support organizations from a multitude of Federal, State, and regional resources  that come to help small business with financing, provide business advice and counseling, and to present workshops designed to help small business.




DyNet includes free training workshops to help businesses participate in government procurements and to provide essential education needed to succeed. 

Check each event page for a listing of workshops for the current event.